The Song and the Sword

Gate Captain You reach the city of Baldurs

“When the singing of the sword ceases, so too shall the it quite thy master. So too shall the land fight for what it loves.”

–Demalius, Speaker of the Four

In the world of Faerûn year 574, Age of the Alos, The Four. The name given to the four oracles who have helped guide the hand of Seaer High King of Faerun High Queen has fallen under a dark enchanment. She sleeps now, and the world is bereft of her benevolent rule. In the hundred years since she fell asleep, evil and dark things have crept back into the world. Ignorance replaces Knowledge, Evil Tyrants replace Righteous Kings, Goblins breed and attack the innocent, the Feywilde retreats, and the dark alleys are portals to the Shadowfell.

All the Evil that slept while the High Queen held power are now unleashing their devillish plans, and the people are nothing but pawns in their evil schemes.

... And now of all things, there are rumors coming from the south that Gedjik has been reborn—and his purpose is to remake the world in his image.

Now, more than ever, the world needs heroes.

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4E Farlanthia is a sequal to my highly successful d20 Norse Campaign.

Farlanthia is a Celtic/Arthurian/Faerie campaign, where I hope to bring the characters from 1st level all the way through 30th level over several years.

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Path of Heroes

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