Sunsteen Urbeth

This balding man, probably in his early thirties, is in excellent shape except for his right leg, which is withered and shrunken. He uses a cane to hobble around.


Personality Traits: Sunsteen is polite and sycophantic, and he ends many of his statements with a second’s pause before saying, “right?”

Spellscar: When Sunsteen becomes agitated, a spellscar visibly manifests (see page 51 in Chapter 3 for some information on spellscars), though it bestows no powers. When his scar activates, it burns with blue fire. Whenever he feels the scar activating, Sunsteen tries to suppress it, though he doesn’t always succeed. If the spellscar activates, the characters see him collapse to the ground, clutching his thigh as the rest of his leg becomes wreathed in blue flame.

Favorite Locations: South Square (area 2) and the Green Tankard tavern (area 5). Motivation: Sunsteen is one of the townspeople the PCs save when goblins attack the South Square. Sunsteen is motivated by gratitude, believing that he remains alive only because of the PCs’ heroic actions. After fleeing from the goblins, he seeks out the characters to thank them. He then continues to frequently find them and express gratitude, hoping to ingratiate himself with the adventurers.

Sunsteen is an assistant to the town’s magistrate, and he is happy to vouch for the characters if they have a run-in with the law. He is also aware of the criminal activities around Loudwater, and he divulges his knowledge to characters interested in the information.

Information: In the course of conversation, Sunsteen is likely to share any of the following information with characters. If the PCs ask about the Zelbross Bandits:

“Brigands attack the caravans that travel west down the Delimbiyr Road . . . right? They live in the ruins of Zelbross. Folks say Zark had a close call a few years ago—the bandits nearly got him.”

If the characters seek Zark, refer to the next section or to the Snake Folk of Najara adventure location on page 32.

If the PCs ask about Sunsteen’s spellscar:

“Yeah, I have a spellscar. First time it manifested, my leg shriveled up. The thing’s a curse, not a blessing like some try to tell you . . . right?”

If the PCs ask about the Lady of Shadows:

“We got us a crime lord in Loudwater . . . right? Don’t know her real name, but we call her the Lady of Shadows. We think she runs her gang out of a lair hidden somewhere beneath the town. People say she’s a shade, so everyone’s afraid to take action against her.”

Sunsteen Urbeth

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