Loudwater Apothecary

A sign displaying several oddly shaped bottles hangs over the door of this shop. A dozen different scents waft through the doorway, including tangy musk, cinnamon spice, orange peel, baking bread, and gunpowder.

Although the apothecary advertises as a perfumery, the proprietor has recently started selling oddments and charms, much to Garwan’s ire. In the apothecary, one might find powdered unicorn horn, dragon claws, and burnt-out Ioun stones. However, the worth or authenticity of many such products is questionable. The apothecary also carries more mundane products, including herbs, roots, and spices, which are mainstays of Loudwater’s cooks and hedge wizards. You might also choose to make a number of low-level rituals available for purchase here.

Brosha Manx: The apothecary’s proprietor, a half-elf named Brosha Manx, is a thin and listless individual. His face is scarred, and his hands shake from ill-conceived attempts to brew potions in his youth. He is curt and doesn’t enjoy small talk.

Roleplaying Opportunities: Brosha doesn’t pay for protection from the Lady of Shadows (page 28) because he is one of her gang members. If the PCs ask Brosha about Loudwater’s shopkeepers being forced to pay protection money, he shrugs and says some might pay, but not him. He won’t take any action the PCs propose, and he informs the Lady of Shadows that vigilantes could be after her if he suspects that the PCs might take action. See the Lair of Shadows adventure location on page 30 for more information.

Loudwater Apothecary

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