Loudwater General

A hanging sign shows this large building to be Loudwater General. From other signs on the storefront, the place appears to carry everyday goods necessary to those living on the frontier.

A person can purchase tools, clothing, food, drink, simple melee and ranged weapons, ammunition, and adventuring gear at this store. In Loudwater General, characters can find items from the Player’s Handbook of 30 gp value or less.

Calla Maran: The proprietor, Calla Maran, runs the general store with the help of her stockboy, Raumandar. Raumandar is a foundling discovered on the shores of Highstar Lake who has an eldritch quality to him (see the Highstar Lake adventure site on page 36 for more information). Raumandar is quiet and keeps to himself as he obediently goes about his duties for Calla. When Calla speaks of Raumandar, she lauds him for his strength and his devotion to her store. The middle-aged woman regards him as an adopted son. If a PC requests an unusual item, Calla says she might be able to obtain the item at a 20 percent premium over the normal price, but only after a tenday or two.

Roleplaying Opportunity: If the PCs have successfully defused the goblin threat, either by heading to the barrow and destroying the creatures or by negotiating with High Shaman Sancossug (see “Barrow of the Ogre King” on page 18), then Calla asks the PCs for help dealing with Loudwater’s local crime gang. If PCs are amenable to Calla’s plea, then refer to the Lair of Shadows adventure location on page 30.

Loudwater General

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