Loudwater Smithy

The clank of metal on metal, the hiss of steam, and the roar of flames issues through the open door of this establishment. A hammer and anvil decorate a sign hanging over the door.

Here characters can purchase a variety of metallic wares, including weapons and armor. The smithy doesn’t have any martial weapons in stock, but custom requests can be fulfilled within several days.

Megana Nistral: The head smith is a brawny human female as broad as a dwarf. Megana’s hearty laugh competes with the hammering beats of her great mallet. She employs several apprentice smiths who are in awe of the woman’s stature and blacksmithing ability.

Roleplaying Opportunities: When Megana meets the PCs, she sizes them up. She is especially drawn to any male PC whose height is equal to or greater than her own 6 feet, 2 inches. She buys the character drinks, engages him in cards, and seeks ways to express romantic interest.

Loudwater Smithy

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